Non-retractable Banner Stands

Retail Banner Stand (Premium, Single Side)
Retail Banner Stand (Premium, Single Side)

Single sided non-retractable banner for indoor use, tasteful commercial grade triangle base design.

$119.00 - $256.00
Heavy Duty Sidewalk A-Frame
Heavy Duty Sidewalk A-Frame (Double Sided)

Catch the customer's attention from both sides with this heavy duty, double sided sidewalk a-frame unit.

$119.00 - $249.00
Unlike retractable banner stands, non-retractable banner stands or adjustable banner stands cannot be retracted. When it comes to farming markets, marketing events and store fronts, there is no better option than these banner stands. Of course, needless to say, adjustable banner stands are much cheaper than other banner stands like pop up banner stands and retractable banner stands, and are perfect retail banner stands. They come with various graphic options and their height is adjustable, and you get all this at a very affordable price. Any administration and set up with these adjustable banner stands is not required that much which is another reason why they are ideal as retail banner stands. The following are some things about adjustable banner stands you should know – 
Light Weight Banner Stand – These banner stands are light in weight. This means that you can transport them easily from one place to another. Because, inherently, these banner stands were created as retail banner stands, their purpose is more or less semi-permanent in nature. However, that does not mean that the quality has been compromised in any way. Your adjustable banner stands would be easy to transport because of their light weight. You can simply put them in the back of your car as their size is manageable and height is adjustable. 
Easy Setup of Banner Stand – Unlike other banner stands which come with a lot of features and contraptions, these banner stands are simple and basic in design. There is not much there to set up with these banner stands. They are non-retractable and thus, they do not have any retractable mechanism which would make the setting-up process difficult. You don’t even need any expert help for setting up these stands. Just pop them into your store after placing your banner on them, and you are done. For any confusion, you can always make use of the assistance service or help desk. 
Custom Full Color Printed Banner – The focal point in your store, your crowning glory and the most attractive feature that will bring customers and clients to your store is the banner. Thus, it would not be far-fetched to say that the banner can make or break the entire event. This is why the banners you buy need to be of the best quality. They should come with various material choices like vinyl or bond paper. They also need to have a great finish of your choice like matte, gloss et al. Always get your banners custom printed and in full color to get the desired results.
Lack of Tension Springs in the Base – Retractable banner stands come with coils and tension springs at the base which makes them slightly difficult to transport and comparatively heavier than non-retractable banner stands. Because of the simplistic design and light weight, these banner stands do not have any retractable feature in them and that is an advantage for people who want a low-stake hassle free banner stand for their store. They don’t have to be moved much and once you set the banner on them, make use of the adjustable height feature to fix it properly. After that, you are done!
Durable and Easy To Change Banners – The durability with these banner stands is as good as the durability you will get with any other banner stand. The retraction and adjustability are just features and these features do not change the quality and sturdiness of the banner stand in any way. Most importantly, because they are meant for store displays, they are extremely easy to use. Banners can be changed regularly without any hassle of time wastage. The work can be finishing under 60 seconds and anyone can do it. 
Ideal for Retail Store Displays – Because of the light weight of these banner stands, variety of options in the stand, durability, sturdiness, long life, quality, lack of tension springs in the base, height adjustability, ease of changing and many other features, these banner stands are meant to be used in retail store displays. That’s why they are the perfect retail banner stands. 
You can choose banner stands in many styles and designs. For instance, teardrop banner stands and feather banner stands are popular choices when it comes to banner stands.